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The National Council of Jewish Women has an initiative called Higher Ground: Stopping Domestic Violence. We continue to partner with the South Valley Sanctuary to help victims of abuse. The director,Karla Arroyo, recently sent us this note:

We are in the process of opening an outreach center in West Jordan. The city has accepted to house us in the city building as long as we have enough funding to staff it. As we have been working more and more with the community, we have found that there is a huge segment of the population (working class)that have close to nothing when it comes to resources about domestic violence. National statistics show that 1 in 4 women have experienced some type of abuse. Women, men and children seeking shelter usually have no employment or housing. The shelter has been an amazing resource to help these individuals. The working class people who are abuse victims seldom seek shelter. They lack information on where to get resources and lack a comfortable place to talk about what is happening in their lives. Because of this, I have been working with several organizations trying to open an outreach center where ALL victims of domestic violence can have access to resources. We are now trying to secure enough funding for a bilingual case manager who will be available 40 hours per week to the community at large.

Other essential needs around the house are day to day items such as:

  • Garbage bags (33 gallons) and tall kitchen bags
  • Clorox wipes and disinfectant spray as flu season is here.
  • Air fresheners
  • Laundry soap (powder only as we give it out in baggies to avoid waste)
  • AA batteries (all our room temperature controls run with AA batteries)

Can you help the NCJW assist the South Valley Sanctuary? If you wish to help, contact Rochelle Kaplan, or 801-942-6226.

(1) Promote the Vote, Protect the Vote 2012. This exciting initiative mobilizes NCJW sections, members, and supporters to work, in accordance with the rules governing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, to ensure that all eligible voters are able to vote and that every vote is counted

(2)Benchmark: NCJW’s Judicial Nominations Campaign educates and mobilizes NCJW members, the Jewish community, and friends and allies everywhere to promote a federal bench with judges who support fundamental constitutional freedoms, including a woman’s right to reproductive choice.

(3) Plan A NCJW’s Campaign for Contraceptive Access aims to secure and protect access to contraceptive information and options. A community-based, proactive national campaign, Plan A is firmly rooted in the belief that such access is necessary for women’s well-being and equality. Plan A mobilizes the faith-based and progressive communities as well as the public at large to take action through a combination of education and advocacy.

(4) Higher Ground: NCJW’s Domestic Violence Campaign is a national effort to end domestic violence by improving the economic status of women. Grounded in the understanding that economic security is critical to women’s safety, Higher Ground educates and mobilizes advocates, community-members, and decision-makers to promote progressive policy solutions that champion women’s economic autonomy.

(5) Voices for Reproductive Choices is an emergency action campaign designed to help powerful NCJW advocates speak out against current attacks to women’s reproductive health and rights.

(6) Israel Issues: NCJW has strongly supported Israel for more than 60 years, helping to lay the groundwork for important social change efforts there. We are witnessing the evolution of Israeli society as more women demand their fair and equal rights amidst serious challenges to those rights. NCJW has long been committed to advancing women’s status in Israel by helping women to develop stronger voices at all levels of society. Today, strategic efforts like the Israel Granting Program and NCJW’s advocacy and coalition work continue in this spirit of education and empowerment — helping to advance the lives of women, children, and families and ensure Israel’s future.

(7) NCJW is part of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women and will be participating in a National Week of Action for VAWA from June 26-July 4. For more info and to get involved, please visit the link below:

(8) The non-partisan Utah Foundation’s report on Partisan Politics, Polarization and Paticipation is linked below and has sobering conclusions about Utah’s low and declining voter turnout rate: PDF

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